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Self-Storage Businesses Impacted, Rally in Wake of Hurricane Harvey

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey is widespread. Here’s an overview of how some self-storage operators have been impacted, how industry-related businesses are offering aid and other assistance, and some resources for those wishing to contribute…

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Volatility Can Irreparably Harm Your Self-Storage Operation

The customer may not always be right, but even during instances when a tenant or prospect is out of line or completely off the rails, maintaining decorum and civility should be your first line of defense. When it comes to customer service and business-…

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Use These Tools to Stop Gambling on Self-Storage Facility Value

One of the looming questions for any self-storage owner or would-be investor is how to best determine the value of an existing facility. The ISS Store has added a spate of resources designed to aid buyers and sellers sharpen their real estate acumen, r…

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Influencer Marketing Could Be a Self-Storage Referral Program on Steroids

The driving force behind marketing today is the ability to tell a compelling story through the lens of someone who has benefited from your business. Explore the new buzz of “influencer marketing” and see if it can be leveraged as a self-sto…

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Competition or Inspiration: Are Valet-Storage Businesses Disrupting the Traditional Self-Storage Market or Providing Impetus for Change?

Valet-storage businesses began springing up with frequency in 2013 and continue to gain traction with consumers and investors. The big questions for self-storage operators are: How much competition do these valet operators truly present; and how much d…

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