Why do I need contents insurance?

Your storage facility does not automatically insure the property you keep in storage. The TRAC Contents Program provides affordable contents coverage to add an extra layer of protection for your belongings while in storage. You should consider purchasing TRAC Contents Coverage if you have concerns about protecting yourself from potential losses associated with unexpected incidents.

What does The TRAC Contents Coverage cover?

Covered property includes personal belongings that you are storing within a storage facility, for which you are paying rent pursuant to a rental agreement. Covered causes of loss include fire or lightening, vandalism, burglary and water damage. Click here for a full list of covered causes of loss.

Won’t my homeowner’s insurance cover my property while in your storage facility?

Your homeowner’s may or may not cover your property while in storage. It is advisable that you consult your homeowner’s policy or insurance agent to see if it will be in your best interest to utilize your policy. In many cases, you may need to buy extra coverage or add a rider to your homeowner’s policy to insure property in storage. Additionally, homeowner’s policies have steep deductibles (typically $1,000 to $3,000) and lengthy surcharge periods (typically 3 years) that may deter you from filing claims.

What type of property is eligible for coverage?

Nearly all personal or business property you store is eligible for coverage.*

*This description of coverage is for informational purposes only. The policy itself should be read for coverages, conditions and exclusions. You can find more information about covered property here.

What type of property is not covered?

Money and securities, animals, firearms, jewelries, furs and fur garments are types of property that are not covered. Click here for a full list of property not covered.

What is the difference between burglary and theft?

Theft is the act in which a person takes property that does not belong to them. Burglary is the act in which a person takes property that does not belong to them using forced entry such as a cut lock or hasp. The TRAC Contents Program only covers burglary.

Is flooding covered?

No. Damage from flood or rising water is not covered. You may acquire flood insurance from the Federal Government.


Damage resulting from rainstorms, windstorm, hail and roof drains are covered under the TRAC Contents Coverage policy. Click here for more information.

What is the maximum amount of coverage offered?

The maximum coverage offered is $10,000. Higher coverages are available but will require separate underwriting. Please email info@tracrisk.com or call 1-844 RISK INS (747-5467) for more information.

When does my coverage start?

Your coverage will start as soon as we’ve received your signed application. Coverage is only effective once you’ve paid your first month’s TRAC program fee.

When does my coverage stop?

The TRAC Contents Program is a pay-with-storage, month to month policy. Coverage will renew every month upon payment of your storage cost and TRAC program fee. Your coverage stops when you stop paying your monthly storage cost or your TRAC program fee.

How do I apply?

You can apply for TRAC Contents Coverage here. You may also apply through a service representative at your storage facility.

How do I file a claim?

Customers who wish to report a claim can do so by filing out our claim forms here. Customers who wish to inquire about claims can do so by emailing claiminfo@tracrisk.com or calling 1-844 RISK INS (747-5467

Do I get a certificate of insurance or policy?

Yes. If you would like to receive a copy of your certificate of insurance or a copy of the TRAC Contents Coverage policy please request by emailing info@tracrisk.com or calling 1-844 RISK INS (747-5467).