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The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: An Overview for Self-Storage Operators

When it comes to collecting self-storage debt, it’s important for facility operators to follow the law. Here’s an overview of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and advice for compliance.

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Free Stuff That Will Make Your Self-Storage Business More Efficient and Profitable

Who doesn’t want free resources to make their self-storage operation purr like a kitten and kick out gobs of cash? We’ve had a very busy this spring, rolling out all kinds of free resources and information materials that will make your work…

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The Many Mysteries of Self-Storage (and a Great Industry Sleuth Story)

Like the universe, the operation of a self-storage facility is rife with mysteries—some simple to solve, others quite complex. If you like a good sleuth story, you don’t want to miss this new industry whodunit.

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Policy vs. Compassion: The Hard Choices Faced by Self-Storage Managers

Self-storage managers often face tough choices in their dealings with customers between following corporate policy and offering compassion. While you can positively impact people’s lives with empathy, what sometimes seems like the more sympatheti…

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Ice-Cream Flavors and What They Tell You About Your Self-Storage Suppliers

Last month, we announced our 2016 Best of Business winners, who will be featured in the November edition of ISS magazine. Because we know you’re not interested in reading a bunch of advertorial mumbo-jumbo, we asked these companies probing questi…

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In Self-Storage and Beyond, We Live in an On-Demand World

From media and software to food and services, consumers are demanding more and more instant gratification. We live in an on-demand world, and there’s a quickly expanding universe of things we can acquire or achieve with a simple Internet connecti…

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How to Create an Impressive PowerPoint Presentation for Self-Storage Seminars and More

Last month, I provided a series of guidelines and tips for people interested in speaking at the 2017 ISS Expo or other industry event and promised to return and address the creation of a strong PowerPoint deck, as this is often the primary visual for a…

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Becoming an Excellent Presenter: Tips for Speaking at ISS Expo and Other Industry Events

We’re getting ready to issue our “call for presenters” for the 2017 ISS Expo, which has me thinking about public-speaking tips. If you’re interested in presenting a seminar at our show or another industry event—positioning…

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Inside Self-Storage Joins the Informa Construction & Real Estate Family

What I’m about to share with you isn’t recent news, though it’s likely the first time you’ve heard about it. Most of you simply know us as ISS, with little or no knowledge of the company or division that owns or supervises us. T…

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Operate Like a Champion after the ‘Greatest 4 Days in Self-Storage’

Two weeks from tomorrow, folks across the nation will be giddy with anticipation of the Kentucky Derby, known as “the greatest two minutes in sports.” But before that, industry professionals will be participating in “the greatest four…

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