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Advice for Self-Storage Operators on Dealing With ‘Abandoned’ Tenant Goods

It’s a reality in the self-storage industry that customers will sometimes simply abandon their property. Here are some procedures operators should follow to prevent abandonment, or if it occurs, to legally empty the unit.

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3 Provisions to Consider When Updating Your Self-Storage Rental Agreements for 2018

As self-storage operators review their rental agreements for possible 2018 updates, the three hottest issues revolve around consent for text communication, arbitration to resolve disputes and mandatory tenant-insurance requirements.

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Self-Storage Technology and Regulatory Compliance: Laws for a Digital Age

As technology becomes a larger part of the self-storage world, not only must owners and managers adjust their operation to accommodate these changes, they must address related issues of legal compliance. Here’s how to stay within the law when usi…

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What to Do When Your Self-Storage Business Gets Sued: A Crash Course

Most self-storage businesses will eventually be sued. Read what occurs during litigation and the steps facility owners should take to ensure they mount the most effective defense to protect their assets.

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The Top 3 Legal Threats for Self-Storage Operations in 2017

The best way to reduce your business liability is to understand your risks and adjust your practices accordingly. The top legal threats for self-storage operators in 2017 fall into three categories: technology, ADA accessibility and court intervention….

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The Impact of New Overtime Rules on Self-Storage Employers and Their Staff

The new federal overtime regulations will affect millions of U.S. workers, including self-storage managers and the companies that employ them. Here’s an outline of the changes and how storage operations could be impacted.

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The Top 3 Self-Storage Legal Threats for 2016

Self-storage operators are confronted with a number of legal pressures, including the need to comply with ever-changing lien laws and keep tenant information secure. Here are some of the top threats you face today and ways to better protect your busine…

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Dealing With Self-Storage Tenant Death, Divorce and Other Disasters

Self-storage operators face many legal challenges and can often be confused about the right course of action. The following offers insight on how to handle three common issues: tenant death or divorce, and disasters.

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A Proposal to Update Overtime Laws: How Will it Affect the Self-Storage Industry?

New federal regulations that apply to overtime standards will soon affect how self-storage owners pay non-exempt employees. The author outlines the new standards and what they mean for the industry.

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Business Records in Delinquent or Abandoned Self-Storage Units: What to Do When You’re Stuck With the Files

It’s not uncommon for a self-storage operator to open a delinquent or abandoned unit and discover the tenant has left behind boxes of business files. Follow this advice to legally and properly dispose of the records and reclaim your space.

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