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How to Determine Base Salary, Bonuses and Incentives for Your Self-Storage Staff

Payroll is one of the biggest operational expenses self-storage owners incur and can be a costly item to get wrong. Though there isn’t a magic formula to calculate how much to pay your staff, this article offers tips to ensure you compensate empl…

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Measure What You Manage: Using Self-Storage Software Reports to Understand Your Business

Your self-storage facility’s management data reveals the story of your business. It isn’t just numbers on a page. Here’s advice on which reports to pull from your software and what all the figures tell you.

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Self-Storage Revenue Management: The Art-Meets-Science Approach to Pricing

As larger self-storage operators develop more sophisticated revenue-management programs, those will smaller portfolios and sites can no longer avoid creating their own competitive pricing strategy. The best rental-rate plan is a mix of art and science….

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The 7-Second Snap Impression: How ‘Fresh Eyes’ See Your Self-Storage Facility

Prospective customers will draw conclusions about your self-storage facility in seven seconds. Here’s why it’s important to have a set of fresh eyes assess the curb appeal of your property as well as the areas your viewer should examine.

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