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Death, Divorce and Disappearance: Tenant Events That Affect Your Self-Storage Business

Self-storage managers must occasionally deal with situations in which customers die, get divorced or otherwise disappear during tenancy. This article examines life-changing events that can affect your tenants and business and how to proceed in these ci…

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Everything Self-Storage Operators Need to Know About the Americans With Disabilities Act

Self-storage owners who don’t meet the Americans With Disabilities Act requirements are leaving themselves vulnerable to lawsuits. Learn how to become compliant and raise your awareness of a new legal danger that could affect any property owner.

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Avoiding Wrongful Sale in Self-Storage: 6 Questions Operators Need to Ask

Emotion and lack of knowledge can turn a simple, smart remedy to collecting self-storage debt to a nightmare for facility operators. Here are six questions to ask yourself before conducting a lien sale to avoid wrongful sale.

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3 S Words You Never Want to Hear in Self-Storage: Subpoena, Search and Suit

There are three S words you never want to hear in the operation of your self-storage business: search (as in warrant), subpoena, and suit (as in lawsuit). But whether you want to want to hear them or not, these things can occur. You need to understand …

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Maximizing Your Business Protection: Updating Your Self-Storage Rental Agreement

Just like all other capital assets, your self-storage rental agreement needs to be kept up to date. Here’s an overview of the provisions you must have in your lease to better protect your business.

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