If protecting yourself and your customers while substantially increasing your bottom line is important to you, contact us. It is what we do.


TRAC contents program provides solace by offering certainty of repair or replacement when losses occur. Anything less is not insurance.

Worry Less

TRAC international Disaster Response Team helps owners and tenants.

Helping by Listening

TRAC and American Westbrook claims processing makes sure that by the time you file a claim, the worst of it is far behind you.

Proof of Insurance: Simply A Good Idea. Simply Good Business

“Mandatory” is a good word when it comes to a contents program. In fact, it’s actually a great thing for everyone involved: owners, managers and tenants alike.

Playing by the Rules to Catch Those Who Don’t

Uncovering fraudulent claims – and better yet, deterring fraud – protects all of us who play by the rules.

The Basics: Why Tenant TRAC Contents Program Makes Sense

Having a contents program is not important until something goes wrong. But when something does goes wrong, having TRAC contents program is one of the most important things in the world.

Know Your Contract

Many owner-operators of storage-rental and mobile container rental facilities don’t require their tenants to purchase or show proof of insurance – even though their own leasing agreements have an insurance requirement.